This is basic posts without the recipe. You can mix content on your blog, if you want to write about something else then food, it’s also possible. The distinction between posts is only if they have recipe content or not. Unless you add any ingredient in FoodiePrees, the post you have is just a regular post like on any blog. If you wish to have separate page for the blog, it can be easily achieved using categories. Simply, create new parent category named e.g “Blog” and write your posts in that category.

Chow is a genuinely culinary WordPress Theme. This recipe theme will let you share all your recipes and cooking tips with wide audience. Chow comes with support. It means that your blog will be understand not only by people, but also by search engines.

Support for Micoformats and Google Recipe View is a collaboration by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! to improve the web by creating a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on webpages and provide richer results. Learn more on

FoodiePress Recipe Editor

Chow comes with FoodiePress plugin – unique solution for creating and managing Recipe data in WordPress, allowing for advanced search by ingredients, customizable layouts and templates for recipe, print styles and many many features.